The Distribution of Spotted Gum

spotted gum distribution map in australia

Spotted gum is a suitable plantation species in several regions  in New South Wales  and Queensland and Victoria such as south-east Queensland, northern New South Wales and East Gippsland in Victoria.

Spotted Gum Solid Timber Flooring

Spotted Gum Solid Timber Flooring

The Spotted Gum’s properties are extremely distinct,

Its colour varies from light brown to dark red-brown.

Moderately coarse textured and variations and common gum veins.

Spotted Gum 8mm Laminate Flooring

Spotted Gum Laminate Flooring Example

What is Spotted Gum Laminate Flooring

The Spotted Gum laminate Flooring consists of a moisture resistant layer under a layer of HDF (high density fiberboard). This is topped with a high resolution photographic image of natural spotted gum flooring.

Spotted Gum Decking Photos

Spotted Gum Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Different Species of Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Forest 2

Corymbia maculata,

Corymbia citriodora,

Corymbia henryi,

What is Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Forest

What is Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is an Australian eucalyptus tree, also named Eucalyptus maculata.